Catholic Cathedral

Paisley is a large town situated 7 miles (11km) West of Glasgow, and 53 miles (85km) West of Edinburgh, Paisley is the largest town in Scotland. The town grew up around Oakshaw, on the west side of the White Cart river, where a Roman fort may have existed. Its growth in the early 19th century was primarily through textiles (printing, bleaching, cotton thread) and the name ‘Paisley’ was given to the Kashmiri pattern of curving shapes found on silk and cotton fabric.

Notable buildings include the Paisley Town Hall (1879-82), Paisley Museum and Art Gallery, the Coats Observatory (1883), the John Neilson Institute (1849-52), Stanley Castle (15th century, in the Stanley Reservoir to the south of the town), the Sma’ Shot Cottages, and St Mirin’s Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Paisley is a great place with lots to see and lots to do, it is a place full of history and suspense.

Its beautiful historical buildings should be visited at least once when visiting Paisley.

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